Release date: 11/12/15

All songs written, recorded & produced by Testset
Mastered at Alchemy by Matt Colton
Design by Testset


© + ℗ 2015 PLZ Make It Ruins.
All rights reserved.

Thanks to: Vegyn, ERSATZ, Greedy Goons, Malcolm & GÆZ

Testset's sonic fingerprint foregrounds intertwined micro-rhythmic clutter, honed, chiselled, stirred and distilled until they reveal a uniquely independent, tessellating brew – both of it's time, and outside currently prescribed dance music practice – drawing magpie-like pop-cultural tropes from all and sundry. The Testset sound is euphoric sonic pattern-making at it's most exquisite – multi-layered, playful and immersive.

This debut release from TESTSET for the new London start-up, PLZ Make It Ruins, lies slightly outside the microcosm come to be known as 'UK dance-music'. It's colourful musical suggestions are somewhat at odds with the stymied climate of 4/4 cell-based techno derivatives and totally extraneous to that of the 'Trap' lineage. TESTSET imagines a new music (in it's own microcosm) which admittedly harks to the rave days and refuses influence from the fickle and vacuous factions of daily internet minutiae. However, the rhythms are reanimated - those pixelated syncopations and tacky 16-bit pads have have been feverishly fermenting - and the result is set as a test to others by our TESTSET. 

PLZ005 / Testset - Whirligig
Directed by Greedy Goons